News - MCA & ANZAA Discussed Potential Partnerships!
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MCA & ANZAA Discussed Potential Partnerships!

02/07/2019 POSTED BY Minnesota Cricket Association Admin

MCA & ANZAA Discussed Potential Partnerships!

It was a great privilege to meet with Mr. Neal McMahon (President), Ms. Katy Wilson (Board Member, Head of PR) and Robert Greene (Board Member, Ex-President) of Australian New Zealand American Association (ANZAA) at the Utepils last night. Beside getting to know each other, we also talked about potential mutual beneficial opportunities, how can we partner going forward and demographics of our both highly diverse communities with Cricket as a common sports and related operations. We will be working on drafting a plan together and share with you all very soon.

In the meantime, please join me welcoming Neal, Katy and Robert to Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA). ANZAA was established a few years before MCA in the Twin Cities area in early 70’s, makes us both over 40-years old organizations! Special thanks to Daniel Justesen, President of Utepils Brewing and his staffs to host us and reserving a spot for this great meeting!

To MCA club members, followers and supporters….. please let your Australian, New Zealand friends know about this great organization ANZAA and ask them join. They are organizing their annual picnic on August 5, will be a great fun event to meet other ANZAA members and families. MCA and MYC will potentially do a Cricket demo, a quick soft ball match and maybe a recruiting event for our league teams and youth clinics. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Golam at MCA Public Relations

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