Article - GSCL -2015 SER Champions again!!!
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GSCL -2015 SER Champions again!!!

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For the fourth time in 7 years, GASCL won the South East Regional(SER) tournament played this past weekend. July 31st through August 2nd. Each of the 5 teams played 4 preliminary games and the top two teams played a final. GASCL summary. Game 1. GASCL 105 all out. Mark Mumby 26. SFCA 69 all out. Ridwan Palash 4-16. Game 2: GASCL looked fatigued. GASCL 143-7,Rohan Mohite 31. TCL 144-5. Game 3: Gascl looked rested. GASCL 169-5 Mumby 47, Jonathan solomon 44. SFC 119 all out. Gavaskar Channer 5-8. GAME 4: GASCL 120 all out, ashan Plummer 27 N.O. AGCC 121-1. FINAL: GASCL 132-5, Ashan Plummer 58 N.O. AGCC 123 all out. Channer 2-14. Congrats GASCL!! Champs again! 1.Mark Mumby-Capt. 2.Srimanth Brindavanam-V.Capt. 3.Omar Watson,4.Ridwan Palash,5.Vainder Sidhu, 6.Ashan Plummer, 7.Rohan Mohite, 8.Madan Addala,9.Gavaskar Channer, 10.Jonathan Solomon,11.Kaylan Ramamurthy,12.Rascelle Gittens,13.Tavin Thompson and Steve James. Cricket Manager: Glenn Atkins. Tour Manager/Umpire: Ephraim Robertson. Asst.Coach/Umpire:Jermaine Lindo.

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