Ottawa Premier League (OPL) 2019 T-20 Tournament

OVCC will hold a T-20 knockout style double elimination fundraising tournament between 8 teams to be played over the August (3-5) long weekend.   The tournament will be run separate from the regular league T-20 games.  The tournament’s main goal is to provide funding for an OVCC infrastructure fund that will be used to improve cricket in the City.  After 3 OPL tournaments, we have been able to make a substantial investment (approx $10K) in Ottawa Cricket infrastructure.

OPL 2019 will be played between eight teams (called A-H) on the 4 main grounds at Rideau Hall and Lynda Lane.  Every team will get to play a minimum of three games before they are eliminated.  The final will take place between two teams on the third day of the  weekend and will decide the OPL 2016 champion.

Each team will be “owned” by an individual “owner”.  These “owners” will be prominent business entities or individuals from within and outside the cricket community.  The 8 owners will meet on June 7th during the gala OPL auction to bid on their teams.  

Infrastructure Fund
The infrastructure fund will collect money that will be used to improve the quality of cricket in the city.  The infrastructure fund will pay for items such as:
  • Pitch fixing, matting and turf replacement / repairs
  • Additional / lower grass cutting
  • Ball subsidy to each club so that we can use better quality balls
  • Provide funding to Juniors and City representatives to participate in provincial and national tournaments
  • Scholarships (cricket and academic) to members who are in need
  • Etc. 
The OPL committee consists of 7 individuals (includes 2 OVCC Exec members) who will volunteer their time and service and will be appointed by the OVCC Council to serve a 1 year term.  Members will be prominent, respected individuals from within and outside the cricket community.  The committee will decide which projects should receive funding and will report to Council on a regular basis.  All applications must be approved by a majority of the infrastructure board members.  The infrastructure fund will be invested in an interest bearing investment.  Applications to the infrastructure fund will be permitted during the 2019 season.