Kerala Cricket League USA
Kerala Cricket League USA Details

Address: 5 Rolling Ridge Rd
New City,NewYork
United States - 07646
Established: Established on 2015 KCL USA, is affiliated to Common Wealth Cricket League
Current Series: KCL VI - 2020

Kerala Cricket League USA is a subdivision of the largest Cricket League in USA - Common Wealth Cricket League.

The United States is the largest and the most professional sporting market in the world. Cricket has become one of the fastest growing sports in the tri-state region, where there is a huge Indian population. The tri-state region also has the largest Malayalee population in the United States. Some passionate Keralites cricket fans  in the United States come together to create a cricketing extravaganza. Kerala Cricket League USA (KCL USA) is a first of its kind cricket league. The finest Malayalee cricketers from across the tri-state will come together to compete for the ultimate quest of glory. KKCL USA is affiliated to  Common Wealth Cricket League.

KCL USA promises to be the major cricket sporting event in the tri-state region. With 10 teams representing the different areas of the tri-state and 120 star players, KCL USA has already become the most-awaited cricket spectacle in the tri-state region amoung keralalites. Matches will be played on beautiful cricket grounds across the tri-state.

The idea of starting a Malayalee cricket league was initiated by a group of cricket-crazy friends in the tri-state region. Their goal was to start a new league to play limited overs cricket, consisting of teams whose players are of Kerala origin.KCL USA was launched on January 1, 2015 with the following objectives:
  • Create a new, elite sporting event for Keralites in USA
  • Provide competitive league fixtures for all its member clubs
  • Foster and further develop an interest in cricket among the Malayalee community
Apart from playing cricket, this is a celebration of friendship and humanity.

Executive Committee

1.      President:  Jins Joseph

2.      VP Of Games:  Jithin Thomas

3.      VP Of Events:  Bala Gopal

4.      Secretary :   Sabin Jacob

5.      Joint Secretary:   Jiju Kuruvila

6.      Treasurer :  Sijo Stephen

7.      Joint Treasurer:  Luke Philip

8.      PRO :   Liju John

9.      Game Coordinators:  Justin Joseph (Queens) , Anoob Abraham( NJ ) & Jojo Job (SI)

10.   Board Members:   Alex John, Arun John-Thomas, Sibi Thomas, Jopies Alex, Swaroob Boban