Match Rules

  1. All players play at their own RISK
  2. All the Games are 18 overs
  3. No LBW's and No Leg Byes, Ball will be considered dead after it hits batsman’s leg. No Stumping, Run out or over throws are not allowed.
  4. POWERPLAY for the first 5 overs. For the first 5 overs, there need to be a minimum of 5 fielders apart from bowler & keeper) inside the 30 yard circle. At any point of the match a minimum of 3 fielders other than Bowler & keeper should be fielded inside the circle
  5. Every overstepping NO BALL will have a FREEHIT and full toss above the hip considered NO Ball will have a FREEHIT.
  6. Change of INNINGS time is 10mins within a match
  7. Player can go out of the field & come back. If the Player is absent from field longer than 2 overs the player shall not be permitted to bowl in that innings after his return until he has been on the field for at least that length of overs
  8. Three bowler will be allowed to bowl a maximum of 4 overs and Two others will be allowed 3 overs in the game
  9. Bouncers over the head of the batsman facing the delivery will be immediately called as WIDE ball, if that delivery is played by the batsman by the bat, then the umpires will call it as NO BALL for height.
  10. Byes are applicable to the tournament.
  11. At any time of any changes of scheduled and any correction for rules and regulations full rights to organizers.
  12. If the ball passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease, Umpire can call /signal 'No Ball'. The penalty shall be one run for the no ball, plus any run(s) scored on that delivery. Note: Please note that we do not subscribe to the one bouncer per over ICC rule.
  13. Full Toss ball above the waist height is considered a no ball.
  14. No last batsmen batting.
  15. Transfer of players between teams is not allowed
  16. CPLKC has 1 rain weekend set aside to reschedule the rain affected games. .
  17. Players who play in the Semifinal and Final should have played at least 3 matches for the team in the Group level. Please note special requirement around injured player, travel or washed out games scenario below.
    1. In case if a player is injured or facing emergency travel during the tournament and unable to fulfill the 3 games requirement, a written request must be submitted 7 days before the first knockout game. However, league will only allow this exception if such player has been a regular member of that team with a reasonable history from the league point of view.
    2. In case of a washed out match, the playing roster must be sent to the organizing committee same day for that game to be counted against the players who would've otherwise played in that match. If that game is rescheduled to play, this roster will be discarded and won't be counted as a played game for the players provided in the roster, and the rescheduled game will be used to count player qualification.
  18. If opponent team is objecting your team member bowling action, umpire have authorized to take action and stop the bowler bowl further. Incase in past matches the bowler was not objected, that can't be the reason to not object such illegal action in future games, captains can't refer to the previous game history. Bowling action and laws are as defined by ICC CPLKC BY LAWS Page 7
  19. League officials reserve the right to amend the rules that can be applicable to future, past and current matches. However such circumstance are rare, for the benefit of the organization, league management reserves the right to analyze and implement and rule surrounding non documented scenarios. League's decision on undocumented scenarios can supersede and override umpire made decisions/errors that may have affected the outcome of the game.
  20. Teams threaten to leave the tournament, indulging in indecent acts of fighting/personal attacks/verbal war with an organizer in messaging forums, emails, phone calls for any reason will not be tolerated. Such teams can be expelled immediately from the league with no refund of tournament fees.
  21. Knock out Tie games have super over as per ICC T20 format rules
  22. For games which are impacted by weather (Rain/Bad light etc), DL will be applied if more than half the overs are completed. Use (If this website is not working, submit the scores to organizers who will apply the DL method and inform the result)
  23. Mankad rule is applicable for Run outs
  24. Run outs can be decided by umpires judgement, if bails are not avaialble during the game. However if the fielding team has knocked out the stumps flat before the runout is attempted, the stumps must be set back roughly in same position or carried to claim a runout.

    More detailed rules are at