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TCL-2020 Rules

07/11/2020POSTED BY Tushar Vedanti

TCL-2020 Rules

As Chester County is moving to Green Phase, this weekend, we believe we will get the permits from the Township to Play in Wilson Farm Park, Boot Road and Phoenixville Grounds. Below are some of the changes for our rules for TCL 2020 and the Social distancing guidelines. Please let us know by the end of the month (06/30), if your team is planning on Participating in this tournament. We will be limiting the number of teams to 32. It will be First come First Serve, without any exceptions. We will be sending a signup genius link following this for the teams to sign up.  If everything goes as expected, we are planning to start the tournament on weekend of July 11th.

New Rules for TCL 2020.

  • Waiver from each player to Play/participate.
  • We will implement a process to ensure that only players who have signed the wavier will be playing that weekend. This would mean teams submitting the playing 11 by Friday of the weekend.
  • Captains and VC will be signing an additional waiver saying that they will be responsible for making sure that their team is following the social distancing guidelines. We will also be requesting a point of contact from each team to communicate the Safety guidelines as and when something changes.
  • In the interest of Social distancing, we are proposing that batting side will be doing both leg and main umpire for regular season games and  Neutral Umpiring only for SF/Finals. We will solicit the feedback from all the teams regarding this and make the final decision before the tournament starts.
  • Umpires should not hold kit or equipment for bowlers or any member of the fielding side during the match. Where necessary, such kit should be placed on the ground either immediately behind the wicket keeper or behind the umpire and appropriate amendments to the playing regulations should be agreed by the captains prior to match. Umpire should stay 6 ft away from the stumps so that  he is away from non striker . Umpire should wear a face mask.
  • Leg umpire should stay fixed at a given spot and captain should not  put a fielder closer than 6 ft to leg umpire. Please mark the leg umpire spot as part of ground preparation.
  • In the dugout please stay 6 ft away from each other and try to keep your individual kits at the same spot for the game.
  • No huddling, Hi Five’ing , No gathering for celebration.  
  • There should be no deliberate physical contact at any time or for any reason. Where any participant (player, coach or otherwise) is unable to maintain 6ft of social distance from another at any point masks should be worn.
  • Face Masks mandatory for all players until they enter the field.
  • No Prize money for this year but Trophy and winners medal will be awarded.
  • As this is an evolving situation Organizers may change the rules/guidelines as we implement the same . Captains and Vice captains should pay extra attention this year so that they can educate the team.
Tournament Format / Fees.
  • The townships have told us that they will be deciding on allowing us to play after the county goes into the green phase. We are assuming that all the 3 grounds will be available to us. We can only start the tournament only if at least 2 grounds are available.
  • Depending on the number of teams playing, the teams will be divided into 4 groups. If we have 20 teams, we will have 4 groups of 5 teams, with each team playing within the group and each team will get to play 4 games. If we have 24 teams, each team will get to play 5 games, and if we have 28 teams, each team will get to play 6 games and so on.
  • We will be limiting the total number of teams to  32.
  • Tournament Format: 15 Overs 
  •  The tournament team fees will be reimbursed for the teams not playing. A portion of the collected fees will be reimbursed back based on the expenses, for the teams that will be playing this year. We have already paid the ground fees that might not be reimbursed back by the townships. 
  • Based on the county or Government directive, if the Townships decide to close the parks in future, the tournament will be postponed or potentially Cancelled.

Social Distancing Guidelines for TCL 2020

  • Temperature checks are mandatory for each player and are the responsibility of the team to implement the same.[ Extremely important that if people feel sick not to show up on the ground]
  • Players should make every effort to arrive at the ground/facility using their own method of transport. 
  • All players should take steps to clean their hands immediately prior to their participation in the match, immediately after the match and at the innings break. Individual players should bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Teams waiting for the Prior game to finish should wait in the Car until the previous game has completed and players have left the ground. Also Teams who have finished the games should leave the field as soon as possible. In Phase 1 of the green phase, No  more than 25 people can be on the ground at any given time.
  •  Please avoid spitting in and around the field.

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