Tennis Cricket League
Tennis Cricket League Details
Address: 409 Camars Dr
United States - 18964
Established: 2007
Current Series: TCL Fireworks- 2021
About: While the name sounds paradoxical, tennis ball cricket has become the mainstay of the growing desi population here in the northeast US. A cousin of the more serious regular cricket leagues, the tennis ball cricket league started few years ago in the Chester County suburbs (Philadelphia) as a means for transplanted desis to relive the halcyon days of youth. The idea germinated as a way to play cricket on friendlier terms yet maintaining the competitive edge of the game. Given that the regular cricket matches take a whole day and commitment that is beyond what working professionals with social and familial demands can offer, this short and fun filled version of the game steps in to fulfill the need to play active cricket with balancing all other aspects of personal and professional life. This league has grown in strength from a few teams to over 16 to 24 regular teams now.