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Covid Exposure Management Guidelines for TCL 2021 POCs (Captain/Vice Captain)
  • Sushil Negi
  • 04/30/2021
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This article is written to guide teams, individuals and POCs to use a consistent source of reference from TCL organizating committee in case a player is identified as a close contact, or covid positive in the league.My team have been exposed, or I am exposed. What are my next steps if individuals with exposure are 100% vaccinated and don't have any symptoms.  you should be able to play wear mask and stay socially distanced Follow for detailed CDC guidance: https://[...]

TCL-2020 Rules
  • Tushar Vedanti
  • 07/11/2020
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As Chester County is moving to Green Phase, this weekend, we believe we will get the permits from the Township to Play in Wilson Farm Park, Boot Road and Phoenixville Grounds. Below are some of the changes for our rules for TCL 2020 and the Social distancing guidelines. Please let us know by the end of the month (06/30), if your team is planning on Participating in this tournament. We will be limiting the number of teams to 32. It will be First come First Serve, without any exceptions. We will [...]