About Us
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Our Vision
We are a new platform with new dream and new design to take cricket to new heights by delivering new cricket experiences and unifying our community in DFW area in Texas, USA. We aspire to create premium outdoor, underlights and indoor cricketing experiences.

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring people together. Both in-person and remote; unifying both on-field and off-field interactions intuitively so people can enjoy cricket, do more together and modernize the sport aligned with our lifestyles and community values.

Cricket in DFW is currently an evolved system over the years due to high demographic growth. It did not begin with "Governance by Design." and yet to be modernized. DFW offers basic cricket including softball and hardball but the demand for cricket has grown significantly and our community is underserved due to silos and lack of a cohesive strategy. We have organized cricket in DFW since 2002 and mostly focused on a close-knit community approach. Now we want to step up, extend the model and our sphere of influence in entire DFW. The time is perfect as we aspire to lead cricket here in the next decade 2020-2030 and create new choices for our cricketers. We aim to reimagine cricket replacing the old, inconsistent and buggy operating systems with modern designs. The year of 2019 will be full of exciting experiments, pilots, special projects, developing alliances and an operating model that can scale using resuable and repeatable templates and accelerators.

Here are our four most important value pillars:

  1. The People: people are center of our ecosystem. They are foremost in every plan and experience that we dream, design and deliver ensuring modern menu of cricket, inclusiveness, fairness, fulfillment, value of time and spirit of game.
  2. The Experience: experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is the most valuable thing we have to offer due to our passion for cricket and innovation leveraging modern capabilities and community.
  3. The Platform: we are evolving from FMCA, OCCA to OCCT spontaneously. FMCA (founded in 2002) was a group of cricketers for recreational cricket primarily. It evolved into OCCA (2015) with better facilities and included natural alliances between teams and cricketers blurring the boundaries by embracing an inclusive design. We expanded the menu of cricket by offering recreational formats, participation in leagues, weekday games and new ideas like #SpeedCricket and #OCCADoubles (O2)  as a programmatic approach. Now, as OCCT with One Texas Platform, we aim to expand our sphere of influence further in entire DFW with aspiration of leading premier cricket, extending the modern platform and digitally-powered experiences to all cricketers..
  4. The Tournaments: Cricket should not only be played, it should be shared and celebrated. An intense, theme-based and fast-pace tournament and deeper community participation in spirit of cricket makes the big difference including broader adoption, growth and overall impact.

Choice, Experience and Happiness

It’s simply a fact that personal context is usually the first filter we use to evaluate our environment. Change is movement away from the present. And change is movement toward a future that promises not just something different but  something significantly better. Look at the present and try to compare it to the future - your role is to validate the journey and join the community.

We are committed to designing a positive and memorable experience and journey by keeping people, tournaments and fans in the center. Cricket is no longer an emerging sports. As a cricket hub in USA, DFW needs infusion of new designs and systems to enable modern cricket. You will have choices ranging from current leagues (commoditized model) to the premier leagues in the future (differentiated value).

Our approach is crowdsourcing model to nurture the ideas through:

  1. Dream: Discover the use cases
  2. Design: Develop the use cases
  3. Deliver: Deploy the use cases

Your feeling is the complex combination of various elements - what we care about is your excitement, happiness, health and fulfillment.

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