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Coming in Hot.. Just like Fajitas.. ( Must be on to that song because they came out Hot, Sizzling just like Fajitas while bowling against a rock solid Sunrise Strikers Batting line up. Not one Titans Bowler has let the pedal on gas go and applied enormous pressure on Strikers batting line up on an overcast CBRP pitch which was skidding ( literally ) like crazy and made them succumb to a way below par score of 65/10. Titans won the Toss and asked Str[...]

TBC Titans Vs Hoysalas, 06/15/2019 @ CBRP 1&2.

Prashanth Reddy K 2019-06-17 Comments

Just like that, World cup is halfway through and our beloved Spandana Tournament is almost done with league phase too. Sometimes by thinking too much we make a mountain out of a mole and as per Virat Kohli if we be professional about our game and execute as per our talent we could beat out the external pressure caused because of hype with ease.Just the same way Titans brass were mulling about missed oppurtunity to finalize the playoff berth last week but Titans Players were able to put up anoth[...]

TBC Titans Vs Hoysalas @6/8/2019, CBRP1&2.

Prashanth Reddy K 2019-06-10 Comments

Damn Deluge.. ! This is what's in every Titans player's mind who played competitive on Saturday. After being sent out to bowl first by Hoysalas, Titan players were determined to contain hard hitting Hoysalas batsmen. Even after a early catch drop Titans came back strong to take 2 early wickets prompting Hosyalas batsmen to go in to shell to preserve wickets. Swaroop and Adarsh tried to steady the innings and kept attacking when ever got a chance. They almost threatened to take[...]

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