Match Results
Series: STRIKERS CUP 2019 Team: All Teams

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
6 Final 08/18/2019 Friends Of Dallas Dallas Sixers Dallas Sixers won by 6 Wkt(s) Friends Of Dallas: 116/10(17.3)
Dallas Sixers: 117/4(18.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 06/30/2019 Friends Of Dallas Rcc Friends Of Dallas won by 97 Run(s) Friends Of Dallas: 197/5(20.0)
Rcc: 100/7(20.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 06/23/2019 Dallas Sixers Friends Of Dallas Dallas Sixers won by 42 Run(s) Dallas Sixers: 134/9(20.0)
Friends Of Dallas: 92/10(15.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 06/22/2019 Strikers Xi Dallas Rcc Rcc won by 8 Wkt(s) Strikers Xi Dallas: 64/9(14.0)
Rcc: 65/2(11.0)
2 League 05/12/2019 Dallas Sixers Strikers Xi Dallas Dallas Sixers won by 67 Run(s) Dallas Sixers: 164/9(20.0)
Strikers Xi Dallas: 97/9(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 04/14/2019 Rcc Friends Of Dallas Friends Of Dallas won by 2 Wkt(s) Rcc: 122/6(20.0)
Friends Of Dallas: 123/8(18.5)Ball By Ball Coverage