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SDCA Summer 2018

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SDCA Summer 2018

Each innings consists of 20 overs. Teams have 100 minutes to bowl 20 overs including a 5 minute break at the end of 10 overs. There is a 10 minute in-between innings. Umpires will deduct overs in case teams are unable to bowl their overs in the allotted time (For how to deduct:

Each win is worth 10 points. In the event of a tie or abandoned match due to rain, 5 points will be awarded to each team. After the league phase, the top 4 teams in both divisions, as decided by points and net-run-rate, if necessary, will qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs format will be as follows:

Semis: (1) vs. (4), (2) vs. (3)
Final: (1 or 4) vs. (2 or 3)
Roster Information:
We will follow normal roster requirements as described here: Rules and Regulations 

At the end of the tournament, the following awards will be presented for both divisions (same as last season):

  • League Winning Team: Trophy + $150 gift card

  • League Runner-up: Trophy + $100 gift card

  • Man of the Series (highest points): Trophy + $50

  • League MVP (from League Winning team): Trophy + $50

  • League Best Batsman: Trophy

  • League Best Bowler: Trophy

  • League Best Fielder: Trophy

  • League Best Wicket Keeper: Trophy

  • Playoff Winning Team: Trophy + $125 gift card

  • Playoff Runner-up: Trophy + $75 gift card

  • MoM Semis: $20 gift card

  • MoM Finals: $30 gift card

  • Best Umpire: Trophy

Extra Batting Powerplay:

  • We will continue 2 overs extra batting powerplay, in addition to mandatory regular 6 overs powerplay at start of each innings. Following rules will be enforced for batting powerplay:

    • Batting powerplay can be taken ONLY at start of the over, and must be conveyed to umpire by batting team. Umpire will then notify bowling team, and like regular powerplay ONLY 2 fielders will be allowed outside 30 yard circle.Batting team can opt for batting powerplay at any time after mandatory regular powerplay overs. If not opted until 19th over, last two overs of batting innings will be batting powerpla 

Match videos:

Other information:

  • All pertinent information regarding general rules and regulations, rain rules, super over, rolling ball, and umpiring guidelinies can be found on this website under League->Documents.

  • Roller lock codes and storage lock codes are on the front page.

  • Top 3 teams in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1.

  • Bottom 3 teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2.

Good luck to all the teams!!

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