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2020-10-05: Rules for the tournament

1. 20 Overs for the all matches

2. For the qualifier matches, batting team will have the onfield  umpires. For playoffs, we will have neutral umpires.

3A. For all overs, batsman's leg side should not have more than 4 fielders. Bowler n Keeper are not counted in the 4.

3B. Max 4 fielders on the boundary and outside the inner circle. 

4A. Ball over the batsman's shoulder is a wide and is a leg umpires call.

4B. If the batsman hits or the ball touches any part of his body, no matter how high the ball is, then the ball is a legal ball and will not be called as Wide.

5A. If the batsman steps out, a wide will still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his shoulder, if he were in his normal stance, inside the crease. 

5B. If the batsman steps out, a no-ball will be still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his waist (full toss), if he were in his normal stance inside the crease. 

5C. Bowlers backfoot touching the side line (including the line that extends beyond the box) is a No-ball. 

5D. No-ball free hit only for overstepping or the bowler's backfoot (side line) violation.

5E. No free hit for above the waist no-ball.

6. 4 overs max for two bowlers for all matches.

7. No leg byes and LBWs. 

8. Byes and Overthrows are valid.

9. Umpires duty to ask the bowler's guard.

10. In the event of conflict, organisers will convene and decide on decision. 

11. Ball bouncing more than once or ball rolling after pitchng, before reaching the wicket will be called a Dead-Ball. If the ball hits the wicket in this instance, it is not considered out. 

12. Ball On the wide marker (cone) is a wide-ball.

13. If the batsman moves to the off and the ball is outside the line, it's still a wide ball.

14. Bowler hitting the Stumps in bowling action is a no ball.

15. Mankading -- Bowler can run the batsman out if he is out of the crease provided a prior fair warning is given to the batsman. This rule applies per innings/per batsman.

16A. Adding players to roster is only possible until Friday midnight before the qualifiers and max limit is 20.

16B. Only Players from Roster can play all games in the tournament.

17. Umpires please try to be fair and avoid conflicts. 

18A. Batting side umpires have to wear masks when umpiring. Latex hand gloves are recommended as well, for umpires. 

18B. Bowlers/fielders will not ask the umpires to safeguard the cap, goggles, etc.

18C. Teams to bring their kits and to not share bats, gloves, etc. with other teams. We will provide water, bananas and hand sanitizer.  

18D. Each team will be given a paper to sign the disclaimers. Please have all your team members to sign. 

18E. Players are to keep the celebrations to the minimum when interacting with their team players. 

18F. All the scoring will be done through the cricclubs app. No borrowing of phones for scoring. Each team to have two to three options for scoring. 

18G. Players are asked not to congregate with other teams. If a team is not playing the current match, then that team's players are to find a dug out away from the current  match's teams or wait it out in their cars in the parking lot.


Maximum of two substitutions are allowed per innings.  Substitutions are allowed after the first 2 overs are bowled.
If a bowler is being substituted, he cannot bowl as soon as he walks back in and has to wait for two overs before he can bowl. 


Allowed only if the batsman incurs a clear on-field injury in a given match. Main umpire to decide on the allowance. Furthermore, if a batsman uses a by-runner, he will not be allowed to bowl in that match.

Player safety:

Due to the grassy surface of the pitch, there can be unexpected bounce sometimes and we recommend batsmen to wear eye protection along with the abdomen guard.

Match timings:

Please be at the ground 15 min before scheduled start of your match. Please adhere to your match start times so that all the matches can benefit from good daylight. 

If a team delays their match start time, 

they will end up facing two overs less every 10 min of delay if batting first


chase 20 additional runs for every 10 min of delay if batting second.

Innings break is 15 min.

last batsman batting NOT allowed

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