Match Results
Series: SCCL5 Team: Newbury Cricketers

 # Match Type Date Team One Team two Result Scores Summary
9 League 11/19/2017 Valley Vipers Newbury Cricketers Winner Valley Vipers won by 9 Run(s) Valley Vipers: 64/8(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 55/10(19.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
8 League 11/18/2017 Titans Of Turf Newbury Cricketers Winner Titans Of Turf won by 37 Run(s) Titans Of Turf: 81/9(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 44/10(15.4)Ball By Ball Coverage
7 League 11/12/2017 Evergreen CC Newbury Cricketers Winner Newbury Cricketers won by 5 Wkt(s) Evergreen CC: 67/10(17.5)
Newbury Cricketers: 68/5(12.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
6 League 11/05/2017 Newbury Cricketers Scc Blue Winner Newbury Cricketers won by 62 Run(s) Newbury Cricketers: 124/7(20.0)
Scc Blue: 62/10(16.1)Ball By Ball Coverage
5 League 10/22/2017 White Walkers XI Newbury Cricketers Winner White Walkers XI won by 33 Run(s) White Walkers XI: 130/5(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 97/10(19.0)Ball By Ball Coverage
4 League 10/15/2017 Newbury Cricketers Woodland Hills Winner Woodland Hills won by 5 Wkt(s) Newbury Cricketers: 87/8(20.0)
Woodland Hills: 88/5(17.5)Ball By Ball Coverage
3 League 10/07/2017 Newbury Cricketers La Warriors Winner Newbury Cricketers won by 96 Run(s) Newbury Cricketers: 133/8(20.0)
La Warriors: 37/10(15.3)Ball By Ball Coverage
2 League 10/01/2017 Newbury Cricketers Csun Challengers Winner Csun Challengers won by 3 Wkt(s) Newbury Cricketers: 60/9(20.0)
Csun Challengers: 64/7(16.2)Ball By Ball Coverage
1 League 09/17/2017 Simi Rockers Newbury Cricketers Winner Newbury Cricketers won by 6 Wkt(s) Simi Rockers: 71/9(20.0)
Newbury Cricketers: 74/4(14.3)Ball By Ball Coverage