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2019-07-03: Welcome to 3rd season of SCC CUP 2019 Cricket tournament, Best 360 degree Cricket experience!!!

1. 10 teams will be split into two groups of five each. 
2. Every team will get two T-10 league matches.
3. After completion of league matches, top two teams in each group (based on points and NRR) will advance to play semifinals.
4. Both semifinals and Finals will be T-12 matches. 
5. All matches will be played on 360 degree grounds with the tournament ending before 6 pm. 

As with SCC, our promise is to provide the best experience possible to all the players and spectators.

Every year we have conducted this type of tournament, we have donated our full remaining proceeds to a noble cause. Last year it was for the Firefighters of the valley and this year we will try (ofcourse with your help) to go close to the last year's number and the proceeds will go to CRY america.

Please bring your families and friends. Thanks again for your participation. Good luck and enjoy the 360 Cricket !!

1. 10 Overs for league matches and 12 overs for Semis and Finals.

2. For League matches, batting team will be onfield  umpires.

3A. For all overs, batsman's leg side not to have more than 5 fielders. Bowler n Keeper are not counted in the 5.

3B. For all overs maximum of 5 fielders allowed outside inner circle.

4A. Ball over the batsman's shoulder is a wide and is a leg umpires call.

4B. If the batsman hits or the ball touches any part of his body, no matter how high the ball is, then the ball is a legal ball and will not be called as Wide.

5A. If the batsman steps out, a wide will still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his shoulder, if he were in his normal stance, inside the crease. 

5B. If the batsman steps out, a no-ball will be still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his waist (full toss), if he were in his normal stance inside the crease. 

5C. Bowlers backfoot touching the side line is a No-ball.

5D. No-ball free hit only for overstepping or side line violation.

5E. No free hit for above the waist no-ball.

6A. 2 overs max/bowler for League matches

6B. 3 overs max / 2 bowlers and 2 overs max for remaining bowlers for Semis and Finals.

7. No leg byes and LBWs. 

8. Byes and Overthrows are valid.

9. Umpires duty to ask the bowler's guard.

10. In the event of conflict, organisers will convene and decide on decision. 

11. Ball bouncing more than once or ball rolling after pitching, before reaching a batsman will be called a Dead-Ball.

12. Ball On the wide marker line is NOT a wide-ball

13. If the batsman moves to the off and the ball is outside the line, it's still a wide ball.

14. Bowler hitting the Stumps in bowling action is a no ball.

15. Mankading -- Bowler can run the batsman out if he is out of the crease provided a prior fair warning is given to the batsman. This rule applies per innings/per batsman.

16. Matches will start on time, if there is delay in match start time due to teams not being onfield, overs may be reduced for team that is late, Organizers will decide on the number of overs to be reduced.

17A. Adding players to roster is only possible until Friday midnight and max limit is 15.

17B. Only Players from Roster can play all games in tournament.

18. Umpires please try to be fair and avoid conflicts.