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2019-08-01: 2019 Power12 cricket tournament starts August 10. There are two groups, top 4 from each group will play in quarterfinals. There are 47 games played at Ted Rhodes cricket fields. Ted Rhodes Lincoln field will be ready by August 17. Power12 is 12 overs, 11 players, hard tennis ball (taped) league. FCC is last year's champion and will be looking to defend the title. There are a number of new teams participating this year.

2019-04-16: Registration for 2019 Power Cricket T10 tournament is complete.  We are planning to start April 26. All games will be in the evenings, It is 9 a side, 10 overs and playoffs (quarters, semis and final) tournament. Games will be played in baseball fields (floodlights)  using hard tennis ball. We have 20 teams in this year's tournament. The fields are Granny White (Brentwood) and Lee Victory (Smyrna)

2018-02-18: Registration for 2018 Power Cricket T10 tournamant is open. Please email at PowerCricketManagement with your team name, your name and phone number for registration information. We are planning to start March 16 or so. All games will be in the evenings, It is 9 a side, 10 overs and playoffs (quaters, semis and final) tournament. There is $1,000 prize money. Games will be played in baseball fileds (floodlights) on jute matting using taped hard tennis ball. We will be taking 16 teams on the first come first serve basis. Book your spot at your earliest.

2017-08-28: Congratulations to Hemanth Dandiprol from RSCC on hitting 6 sixes in one over. Hemanth was notout at 76 on 26 balls with 9 sixes and 4 fours with strike rate of 292%. This is the first time this year, a batter has hit six sixes in one over in all of the Nashville cricket leagues.


2017-08-09: Power12 Cricket tournament starts August 12 with a game between Sun Risers and PCC at Rhodes Park. The tournament includes 16 teams divided into two groups. Around 60 games will be played at various fields in Nashville. It is 11-a-side, 12 overs with the hard tennis ball (taped). 

2017-05-17: Power10 Cricket tournament is no-frills cricket - played with taped hard tennis ball. It is 10 overs with 9-a-side. Games are played on a baseball field with jute matting. The first Power10 cricket tournament will be played in Nashville, TN starting May 21, 2017. We have $1000 prize money.