New Rules

NPL New Rules 2016
1. No water bottles on the field 

2. After 10 overs 10 minutes water break for T20 (Captains doesn't have the authority for any changes) umpires may do some changes due the situation 

3. After the 20th over or the first inning( batting side ends), 20 minutes break 

4. Every 5 minutes delay will reduced an over

5 If the second fielding side delays, every 5 minutes will add an over to the batting side
6. Out timed out
after the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batsman, within 3 minute’s batsman should be ready to receive the next ball

7. Match Forfeiting additional 2 Minus point from the total points  

8. Uniforms standard 
No warnings for uniform standards. (-3 point from the 10 demerits)
Only colored uniforms allowed. Must match all 11 players tops and bottoms, If you wear a jacket or sweater, must be your official color and team name or logo on the jackets. * color pads for batting and wicket keeping. all pads in one color(one color for each team) No exceptions
A captain doesn't have the authority to give permission to each other under any circumstance  
No jeans,no shorts,no skinny bottoms(baseball style pants)
* umpires must wear Dark color top( no shorts, shoes must)

Protective gear must wear underneath the uniform. (Abdomen guard, thigh guard, chest guard)

9. Umpire abuse. 
**(Umpires are allowed to reverse the decisions. Umpires are allowed to take necessary time make the decision. If it's needed, head umpire and leg umpire can discuss before given the out )***
This includes. Unnecessary arguments, yelling at umpires  (not a loud appeal) foul language, hints towards to the umpires. If there is a discrepancy we will take care of after the match 
​* umpires must wear dark color top & bottom. shoes must no shorts
1st warning, Second -5 from the 10 demerits , Third occurrence out of the league.
10. Teams are responsible to provide the schedule umpires, If a team fail to do so will result in - 1 points each umpire fromthe total points table
In case umpires don't show NCA will get umpires ASAP and match will be delayed. 

12. Playing teams are responsible for field setup /removal

13. Out of state Players 
Each team is allowed to have two out of state players in the roster. However in the eliminators/qualifiers or Final only allowed to play the players who have been in the roster. You are not allowed to bring any brand new out state or in state players for the eliminators/qualifiers and finals. 

14. After playoffs you won't be able add or remove players to the roster. if you have to do so under special circumstances, you need permission from NCA 

15.All teams are allowed to use 2 players from any other team due to missing 11 but they only allowed to field. no batting or bowling
16. NCA not responsible for scoring. Each team responsible for their scoring. if there is issue or a mistake, must take care of within 48 hours

17. Schedule is Final 
Unless NCA has to change the Schedule due to Weather or Park availability.
No swapping, No replaying
18. At the toss captains must be ready to announce whether you are Bowling or batting. no time will allow to announce in few minutes
19. NO SMOKING IN THE FIELD during a match or umpiring. Automatic -2 points from the team

20. NCA is NOT responsible for any injuries to the players or any damages to the equipment.

21. All player and Teams must signed the waiver prior to playing the league or Practice. It's the team responsibility not NCA.