• The Mridha Foundation with the MB CUP Cricket 

     Saiful A. Siddique
    The Michigan Bengals Club has done it again, bringing on yet another tournament to the Bangladeshi American community. Dr. Debasish Mridha, prominent neurologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, along with his wife, Chinu Mridha, are proudly sponsoring this second tournament through The Mridha Foundation. This year the Michigan Bengals authority has decided to expand the tournament from six to eight teams.
    The cricket tournament is scheduled to take place June16th at the Troy Civic Center, Michigan. It will be highlighted with 150 cricketers representing Lansing, Saginaw and other communities around the greater Detroit area. This inaugural tournament is expected to be marked with amazing plays, exceptional teamwork and a demonstration of the collective skills of the Bangladeshi Community participating in the beautiful game of cricket. The ceremony will open with the honored guests Dr. Debasish and Chinu Mridha.
    Every year The Mridha Foundation sponsors several awards, including but not limited to The Mridha International Physician Volunteer Award through Michigan State Medical Society, The Dr. Mridha Teacher of the Year Award through Saginaw Community Foundation, and The Dr. Debasish Mridha Spirit of Medicine Award through American Medical Association. The Mridha Foundation has always supported the Bangladeshi American community, schools, universities, cultural programs, and the international students from Bangladesh.
    On Wednesday, May 15th, there was a captain meeting regarding this year’s cup held at the luxurious restaurant in Farmington. The meeting was led by the Executive Team, including: Saif Siddique, Mir Rossi, Kawshik Ahmed, Hasan Khan and the captains of all eight teams. The vision has always been to provide the Bangladeshi American community with an opportunity to come through the game of cricket. The MB Advisor Faisal Syed and Farid Chowdhury, along with the Michigan Avengers captains Golam Moinuddin and Abir Hasan, the Michigan Cobras captains Amin Sharfuzzaman and Shaon Chowdhury, the Bengal Spartans captain Kazi Tariqul Islam, the Oakland Golds captains Rahat Khan and Dr. Md. Mynul Hossain, and the Michigan Titans captains Maruf Kutub and Rajiur Rahman were all in attendance.
    This is a huge and exciting commitment among all Bangladeshis living in southeast Michigan. Every game will be like a huge family gathering, and what is cricket without a gallery of spectators? It is the friendships that develop through the Michigan Bengals Cricket Cup tournaments that really stand out.
    Whether you’re wanting to play in the tournament, attend as a casual fan or simply just want to meet fellow Bangladeshis, we encourage you to come enjoy and support your community and this initiative.
    ”We are glad to be part of this initiative. This kind of tournament helps our community to unite and build great relationships among the seniors to the future generations of the Bangladeshi Americans in Michigan.”  - Dr. Debasish Mridha, founder of The Mridha Foundation.
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