• Royal Strikers WON the Tennis Ball Cricket Championship of MCA Fall League 2019.   
  • One of the Sponsor, Prospect Infosys is Looking to fill Application Architect .NET at State of WI, Madison. (Hourly Rate - $89) Contact Surendra a[...]
  • Congrats to TENSX1.......lifted the cup after relentless effort.....
  • Congrats to TENSX1.......
  • TENSX1 lifted the cup after winning the Final match with REGALS....
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Is Switch Hit Legal ??????

Madison Cricket Assocication 2013-06-18 Comments

Praveen Kumar:             Is Your goal to get a rematch???? Call for an all captains meeting and discuss it... We played by the rules... Why did ur bowlers                                       keep bowling at the batsman???Habeeb Mohammad:      I agree, will have a rematch in this case :)Sur[...]

Travel Companion Needed ?? - Is anyone flying from Chicago to India

Madison Cricket Assocication 2013-06-14 Comments

Hi - Looking for a travel companion from Chicago to India (Bangalore / Chennai / Hyderabad).Is anyone travelling between July'15th and July'19th? Airlines - Etihad airways.Please respond if you are travelling.Thanks


Madison Cricket Assocication 2012-07-06 Comments

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  • Congrats Warriors!!!!

    Harish Ramachandran - 2013-09-15 05:29:42.0

  • Folks - for switch hit discussion, please use blog we created

    Madison Cricket Assocication - 2013-06-18 10:03:02.0