• Hello everyone,

    Its that time of the year when snow is falling, spring is around the corner and cricket is seeping back into the minds.

    With that being the case, I am requesting all teams participating in the 2019 season to please send in their dues for the season. There are no changes to the fees from prior year at $1,600 per team.

    You can mail in a check, e-pay, or make a deposit to LIPL's bank account.

    All fees are requested by March 15th, 2019.

    Thank you.  
  • Dear LIPL Family, 
    I want to take a moment to thank everyone for a successful 2018.  Despite the washouts, we managed to play a lot more games than many other leagues could. I hope you all enjoyed the season. With the kit bags packed up and sprinklers winterized, its time to get together to have some family fun. 

    We will be hosting an award ceremony at The Mint - LI in Garden City on Nov 11th 2018 from noon to 5 PM.

    The award ceremony will cover Season 2016, 2017, 2018, and then some more.  The tickets for the function are reasonably priced and each ticket holder will get an award.  So, everyone is welcome to join. We expect to sell out quickly, so please reserve your spot early. It is a great venue and I hope you all make the best of this opportunity. The awards will not be distributed for non-attendees. 

    All menu items will be using halal meat only and we did not forget about the vegetarians either.
    Appetizers: Veg Masala Samosa, Chilly Paneer, Crispy Couliflower, Chicken Grilled Kabab
    Main: Butter Chicken, Veg Hakka Noodles, Veg Manchurian, Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Jeera Rice

    Sponsors: Please let me know if you would like to invite any of your sponsors. If anyone wishes to sponsor the event or donate towards the function, please contact Anubhav Chopra at 631-764-0378. 

    Kamal Singh
  • Hello everyone,

    Hope all you guys are enjoying the time off and sharpening your skills. With everyone's continued support and love for the game, we will aim to make LIPL family an even better place for cricket in 2018.

    To start things off, all captains are requested to follow the instructions below and mail in a check ASAP:

    Teams that need to pay dues should mail a check as follows:
    Long Island Premier League Inc.
    Attn: Anubhav Chopra
    485 Underhill Blvd Suite 104
    Syosset, NY 11791

    Please write your club name in the memo section, along with '2018 League Fees'

    You guys will be excited to know that we have incorpoated the league as NY Not-for-profit organization, in an effort to further the image of league & sport, and give back to the community.

    NOTE: Schedules for the 2018 season will be announced once ALL participating clubs have paid current and past dues. I request everyone to hold off the questions until that time. 

    More updates will follow, as we progress during the season. For now, let us take our first step together.

    Thank you all,
    LIPL Management  
  • Hi all!
    As you all know, this is a last week before play offs.  The top 2 teams will go to Semi finals directly.  The next 4 will play Quarter finals on Sept 16th.
    Semi finals and final will be played on the same day Sept 23rd. 

    Here are some quick ground rules that apply to all teams. 
    - Umpire is always right.
    - No more new players. 
    - For Play offs, you can only have players who have played atleast 50% of the games.
    - Helmets: I keep asking teams to mandate helmets. Seems like many players have issues following that rule. Therefore, I will eliminate that rule for now. 
    - No balls:  Any field restriction related no-ball will not be a no ball.  If the ball has been bowled, the batting side has the right to call it a dead ball.  If you see the field restrictions are not being followed, let the fielding team know to bring the players in before the ball is bowled. 
    - Square Leg umpires decisions can be overruled by the main umpire. 
    - The boundry is a straight line between the two flags, there is no imaginary arcs, and there trees are not part of the boundry flags. 

    Gentlemen, please enjoy the game. It is not a World cup. All of you are grown sensible adults and in my eyes, you are all champions. 
  • Another good weekend of cricket!

    Thunder Eagles beat LIUCC and Falcons beat Nurdlers in a very close game.  The game of the week was probably Devils vs Mustangs.  Top two teams put a very good contest and Devils made sure they hold on to the #1 spot.  Great game!!

    Thanks to Biju Mathew Philip of Bulls for contacting the Parks Department and submitting a written complaint about the Porter Potty.  The Parks Dept. acted on it promptly.  

    Helmets required:  
    Guys! Please be safe and wear the helmets. I made Mehul Patel wear a helmet.  As you know Mehul is the one who has shouldered the financial resposnisibility of the league, I still made him wear the helmet and he obliged.  Captains, please make sure your team members play with the helmet on. 

    Do not drive on the field:
    I still notice people driving cars on the field.  Captains, please make sure you tell your players not to do so. 

    Umpire Evaluation form
    Please save this link as a favorite and submit your feedback on regular basis.

    Blackout on August 19th @Hecksher State Park
    We may have some games scheduled in Brentwood. However most other teams are expected to be off for August 19th weekend. I would prefer to schedule the games for the teams who are behind on their number of games.  Schedule will be posted by the end of the day Tuesday August 15th. 

    Thank you all!. 
  • What a weekend of Cricket! 

    All games were quite exciting. To start of LI Kings were blown away by Bulls for just 79 runs but they ripped into Bulls batting and only lost by 3 wickets. Moguls were almost out of the game and Tony hit a last ball 6 to win it for Moguls. Noory brothers pulled of an amazing win against Hawks. But wait, it gets better, Thunder Eagles needed 14 off last 3 balls. The scorecard for last over was dot, 2, 2, 1, 1Wd, 6, and 6, making it a second TIE in two weeks. 

    Scoring on the app:
    Please note that if any team is using a different player that is not listed on the app, make sure they update it.  Teams will not be able to register any new players starting Septemeber.  If I see a wrong name on the scorecards, I am simply going to update it to "Guest player".  That means the "Guest Player" will not be able to qualify for the Playoffs.  For example, I will be updating Binder for Hawks, Umar Alizai for Bulls, and Shrey Patel for Mustangs to Guest for couple of recent games I saw.  Please update these names on your own before I start updating them.

    Umpire is always right:
    Please note, that the umpire is always right.  you are free to fill out the umpire evaluation form after the end of the game.  You are not allowed to create unneccessary argument or scene on the field.

    Rain Delays:  We understand that rain causes delays every once in a while. However, teams need to show up on time and be prepared to start the game. Zahid Ali from Moguls was on the field and installing the matting while many of you were asking me if the game was still on.  Going forward, if there is a rain delay for the AM games, the overs will be reduced so the PM games can start as scheduled. 

    Matting and materials: Matting, nails, hammers and stumps must always go back to the shed or the box. Do not bring any of those items towards the pavilions area. We noticed that once these items cross the pitch, they never go back to the other side. 

    Are Helmets required? If your or anyone on your team still does not know the answer to this question, please do not call me. :-)

  • iPhone for you!
    I noticed yesterday is that despite all the warnings, the teams are driving their cars on to the field. Yesterday, a red sedan ran over a kit bag. The kit bag had an iPhone 7 in the side pocket and was completely crushed. Whoever drove that car (or the team) needs to compensate for the phone.  Please accept the responsiblity and come forward with a replacement phone.

    Match Delays
    All games started late yesterday. That is unacceptable.   Two games were late due to umpires being late.  Both those umpires will be suspended for the rest of the month.  This is what a league can do for you. 

    Third game started late because the opponent team arrived late.  I will instruct the umpires to start deducting the overs.  A team has to arrive on time, this is what a league expects the teams to do. 

    Helmets required:

    I still notice many batsmen playing without a helmet.  Helmets are required for all batsmen.  It is not a personal choice, it is a liablity issue for the league. If a batsman wants to bat without a helmet, please present your insurance documents to the league. 

    Unneccesary arguments:
    We are a family friendly league. Please maintain a family friendly environment at all times. We all have our differences but they should never translate into sore relationships.  Play the sport, thats what you are here for.  Learn how to get along with each other and appreciate it. 

    Team and Player Suspensions:
    By now, you all must have taken notice that LIPL is different. We are not here to make money, therefore we are not here to entertain the teams.  In past, we have suspended players as well as teams.  LIPL tries to provide the best environment for the teams to come and enjoy the sport.  WE NEED YOUR HELP! All captains MUST ensure that the members meet league expectations or face consequences. PLEASE HELP!

    Captains and team managers:
    Please ensure that all your team members have read this message.  Share it on your team groups.
  • Congratulations to all the teams for a successful campaign for Spring 2017.  Please join me in congratulating a new winner of Spring Cup,  Vipers.  Vipers joined LIPL in 2016 and quickly marched to the top of the tables to claim the title.  Wasiq Ali lead the Top performer chart for his team.  Keep up the good work!
    Moguls, Hawks, and Bulls kept the competition alive until the very end.  There were many great performances and quite a few games went down as nail biters.

    I hope you all enjoyed the Spring Cup and ready to reset the table for Summer 2017.  Please note few key points for Summer Cup.
    1. Umpire is always right.  Main umpire can overrule the square leg umpire at any point, even for run outs.
    2. We are adding 2 more new teams Devils and Eagles.  Please give them a warm welcome! J
    3. All games will be T20 games.
    4. The times posted on the Schedule are GAME START TIMES. Teams are expected to be ready to spin the toss 30 minutes prior to the start time.  The teams will automatically lose the toss if they are not ready for a toss 30 minutes prior.  Overs will also be deducted for extereme delays.
    5. HELMETS ARE REQIRED (No Exceptions)
    6. Each team is expected to bowl their 20 overs quota in 1 hour and 15 minutes.  There will be 10 minutes innings break.
    All teams are requested to keep extra flags, stumps, nails as a back-up.
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