LATA Mini Olympics Cricket Tournament 2018
Series Details:
Series LATA Mini Olympics Cricket Tournament 2018
Start Date 05/26/2018
Ball Type Hard Tennis Ball
Series Type Ten10
More Info Some common rules for players and the umpires:

1. For Qualifier matches there is no Power play rule. 12 overs for Qualifier matches and 15 overs for Semis and Final. 

2. Power play rule only for Semis and Final matches, Power play first 4 overs. Only 2 fielders allowed outside the inner circle. Overs 5-15, max 5 fielders outside the inner circle.

3. For all overs in all matches, batsman's leg side not to have more than 5 fielders. Bowler n Keeper are not counted in the 5.

4. Wide-Ball rule:

a. Ball over the batsman's shoulder is a wide and is a leg umpire’s call.

b. If the batsman hits or the ball touches any part of his body, no matter how high the ball is, then the ball is a legal ball and will not be called as Wide.

c. If the batsman steps out, a Wide will still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his shoulder, if he were in his normal stance, inside the crease. 

5. No Ball rule:

a. If the batsman steps out, a No-ball will be still be called, if the leg-umpire feels the ball would have crossed the batsman above his waist (full toss), if he were in his normal stance inside the crease. 

b. No-ball free hit only for overstepping or side line violation.

c. No free hit for above the waist no-ball.

6. There are some trees within the boundary for a couple of grounds. 

a. If the ball hit the tree and the ball is still inside the boundary, then play is ON. 

b. If the ball hits the tree and goes to the boundary rolling, then it is four runs. 

c. If the ball hits the tree and goes to the boundary full toss, then it is six runs. 

d. If a fielder catches the ball after the ball hit any portion of the tree, then it is NOT-OUT.

7. 3 overs max for 2 bowlers for qualifiers and 3 overs / bowler for Semis and Final.

8. No leg byes and LBWs. 

9. Byes and Overthrows are there.

10. Umpire can’t call a No-Ball in the event bowler didn’t specify the guard before bowling. It is Umpires duty to ask the bowler's guard.

11. In the event of conflict, both neutral umpires to convene and give a call. 

12. Ball bouncing more than once or ball rolling after pitching, before reaching a batsman will be called a Dead-Ball.

13. Ball On the wide marker line is NOT a Wide-ball

14. If the batsman moves to the off and the ball is outside the line, it's umpire's call to judge the wide.

15. Bowler hitting the Stumps in bowling action is a No-ball.

16. Mankading -- Bowler can run the batsman out if he is out of the crease. Umpires call to give a warning first before giving out.

17. Bowlers back foot touching the side line is a No-ball.

18. Qualifier match winner gets 2 points and runners get 0 point.

19. If in case, a team forfeits/walkover while the opponents are ready to play, the team which is ready to play will be awarded 2 points.

20. 1 Point each will be shared for the Qualifier matches in the event match is a tie/draw, for Semis and Final there will be super over.

21. Super Over rule: One over per side eliminator will take place on the same day of the match 10 minutes after the game is tied.

a. Super over will take place on the same pitch allocated for the match.

b. Prior to the commencement of super over, each team elects three batsmen and one bowler and nominated players are given in writing to Umpires.

c. Toss will decide which team should bat or bowl first in the super over match

d. The same ball (or a ball of a similar age if the original ball is out of shape) as used at the end of the team’s innings shall be used for the “extra” over.

e. The loss of two wickets in the over ends the team’s one over innings.

f. In the event of the teams having the same score after super over (tied) has been completed, the team that hit the most number of sixes combined from its two innings in both the main match and the super over shall be the winner.

g. If the number of sixes hit by both teams is equal, the team whose batsmen score the most number of fours in its two innings (main innings + super over) will be the match winner.

22. Umpires please try to be consistent and fair to both teams. Over the shoulder calls - don't give them if they are too close to call.