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Glenn Atkins (

 On Monday,  May 09, the Georgia Supreme Cricket League ventured on a renewed initiative of youth cricket development by holding a boys and girls youth camp. This took place in collaboration with the staff and elementary grade students (G4 & G5) of Imhotep Academy, Atlanta, GA, with them having cricket included as part of their Pan African Sports Field Day. The camp sessions were conducted by League President, William Skinner, Youth
Coordinator – Jermaine Lindo, and League Statistician & Scheduler – Glenn Atkins;
the Imhotep Academy coordinators were James Louder and Anne Davis.
League President-William Skinner; Statistian-Glenn Atkins; Youth Coordinator-Jermaine Lindo

The event took place under bright sunny skies with several teams of coed kids dressed in colorful shirts and parading around the field with their team flags. It did not take long for curiosity to set in. Give an elementary school child a bat (or stick) and a ball and the ensuing response is quite predictable. Give a group of them a pair of pads and gloves, a set of
stumps and some balls, and you will have to provide some guidance. The cricket activity, once streamlined, proved to be the most involved of the events. Of course everyone wanted to bat first; then once a batsman (batter) was selected everybody else wanted to bowl (pitch). It took quite a lengthy explanation and show-and-tell to point out the difference
between a batsman and a batter, and a bowler and a pitcher, a job well done by Jermaine and Glenn.
Students of Imhotep Academy pose for photo op with camp coordinators from the GSCL
Soon it was all batsmen, bowlers, and fielders; balls were hit over the fence amid shouts of “wow, big hit – that’s six”. Wild exuberance was displayed when stumps were hit or a catch was taken. This was cricket on display. At the end of the day, twelve youngsters were selected as potential candidates to attend the next camp to be held in August at the Stonewall Tell Elementary School field, home of the GSCL member Somerset Cricket Club. This camp will, of course, also be geared to introducing the sport to the students of Stonewall Tell.

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