2019 EYCL U12B (Pairs): League   -   Dreamcricket Bluejays won by 47 Run(s) (06/02/2019)

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Dreamcricket Bluejays: 127/7(24.0 overs)    Sputnik Chargers: 80/7(24.0 overs)
Match Details
Series: 2019 EYCL U12B (Pairs)
Match Date: 06/02/2019
Toss: Dreamcricket Bluejays won the toss and elected to bat
Location: Consolata Missionaries Ground, Somerset, New Jersey
Points Earned: Dreamcricket Bluejays:2, Sputnik Chargers:0
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Match Documents:
Final scores are after deducting penalty for wickets.