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  • Gentleman,

    We are very excited for the new upcoming season. We have many surprises that you will enjoy. We must first have our League Meeting to go over all aspects to make sure we have the best league possible.

    In this meeting we will go over all rules, situations and any other concerns. For us to have the best league possible, we must all be on the same page. I look forward to hosting everyone at our facility this Saturday April 20th at 8pm. Please send your team representatives to make sure your teams concerns and thoughts are taken into considerations. 

    I look forward to hosting you all this upcoming Saturday. 

    Shake Saleem & Shahzada Saleem
  • BBCL 2019 would like to announce that Saturday and Sunday League Registration is now open!

    BBCL T-20 (Spring 2019)

    • Saturday and Sunday are seperate Leagues.
      Saturday League (Pink Ball)
      Sunday League (White Ball)

      1130 am + 3pm games

    • Saturday teams can register for Sunday League. Players can also register for both leagues on different teams.

    • $450 League Fee + Insurance, Permit Fees, Matting and Umpire Fees ($30 per game)

    • Revised rules and policies.

    • Video of games/media for youtube channel and social media

    • Two divisions on saturday, each division will have a champion which will play in the final.

    You can register your team and download all necessary forms at or in the League Documents in our Cricclubs page
  • Starting April 2019, BBCL T-20 will also start new Sunday League.
    Sunday T-20 League will be played with White Ball.
    players from BBCL T-20 Pink Ball Saturday league will be allowed to play in Sunday T-20 Teams and vise versa.
    saturday BBCL T-20 Pink Ball teams will also be allowed to register their team in Sunday T-20 White Ball league and vise versa
    league fees are the same as Saturday league.
      Please forward this message to inform all your friends and team mates .
    looking forward for a great season 2019.
  • We at BBCL wish all our teams , their members and their families a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.
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  • Today we thank Almighty for a successful  conclusion of our Spring T-20 2018.
    we had 6 more  teams this year then last year.
    We had two of our best teams competed in the finals.
    both the teams  played to their full potential.
    Congratulations to Kings XI for winning the championship.
    This is their 2nd championship of BBCL T-20 League.

    Congratulations to GalaxE Stars for topping their group and reaching to BBCL T-20 Finals.
    GalaxE Stars being a very young team has reached this level with in 2 year .
    Congratulations to all the teams for being part of BBCL T -20 and keeping the high standard of Cricket .

    See you all in Fall T-20 for another highly competitive tournament.
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