Address: 22
United Kingdom - SW19 3TL
Established: 23nd June 2015
Current Series: London Regions Tournament
About: Ahmadiyya Cricket Association United Kingdom (ACA UK)
Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK & Majlis-e-Sehat UK Organize different cricketing events.

International Masroor T20 Cricket Tournament -
Inaugurated in 2009
  • An annual cricket competition that takes place in London and features Ahmadiyya Muslim teams from around the world
  • This year five-day tournament included 22 teams from 14 different countries
Khuddam Cricket League
This league was inaugurated in 2005 a demand from players requesting to play in weekdays after work hours.
Now this league has become a brand of its own. Also known as KCL , the format of this league is like Premier league which consist of eight team.

History of this league itself is unique.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Cricket Club
Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK also has a club with the name of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Cricket Club AMY CC (AMY CC). This club was established in 2017 and now it has 5 -7 teams playing during the week. They have now progressed into Saturday League and consist of 1 team in Saturday. 3 Teams in Sunday League .