• Just wanted to update everyone on the incident happend on the field.  Some one tore the mat in field into two pieces in past couple of days.. 

    We have filed a police complaint and they are looking into it.. With parks being involved, they assured additional patrol from now on and also on our behalf, requested neigbours to keep an eye on it. 

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    Tell me you got the power, And I say Uhhh?
    You say you got the power, And I say no no no?
    Tell me you got the power, And I say Uhhh?
    You say you got the power, And I say no no no?
    No I say Uhhh, No I say Uhhh, You say you got the power, Oh I say Uhhh
    No I say Uhhh, No I say Uhhh, You say you got the power, No I say Uhhh

    Well.. Just breaking the silence. That's it.. Let's get back to world cup :-)

  • Check 'Photo Gallery' for LMI 2014 photos.

  • Congratulations to Royals for winning LMI '14 title!!! You guys really showed you were the best team in the league without any doubt! Congrats once again ROYALS!!!

  • Royals and Warriors 11 are in to the Final. LMI final has been scheduled at 3.30 PM, 09/07/14. Come and enjoy the game. 

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  • Congratulations to both the teams for providing us an entertaining game. As predicted, Hawks won the final crowned with an incredible performance as a team and displayed why and how big teams performs during bigger games and like expected, Panthers chocked on their own mistakes, which I don?t want to list out here. I?ve already advised you guys what to do in our next tournament. Winners always go away with no criticism, but here Hawks need to step up in their future games specially with their fielding abilities, I was standing right next to you guys for almost 30 minutes and surprisingly you guys never talked about how bad you were in your fielding department, be careful this might hurt you in your future games. All in all, it was fun predicting the games and most of them turned out to be correct. I hope to do a better job in future and this time I feel like I might have to predict a final game where I would be playing too. Till then have fun and enjoy your life. Little wisdom IF things are bound to happen they will unless there is an upgrade in standards and efforts. Happy Independence Day-Jai Hind (Date: 07.30.14, 9:54 PM)

    Rajani Kant - 2014-07-30 19:54:06.0

  • Hello Guys. HAWKS Vs. ROYALS:::What an incredible game I witnessed between Hawks and Royals. Great job by Royals to contain hawks within 100 runs, kudos to Manish?s leadership and support for his teammates. Three to four duck outs in Hawks which boasts itself as having better batsmen, c?mon guys, wake up. Royals are a pretty young team and succumbed to the ferocious experience of Hawks leadership and game plan, best teams always perform better in bigger games and this was the time for Hawks to win, Hard Luck Royals and congratulations Hawks. Royals at 55+ and Hawks at 65+, what were you guys thinking with these scores? FINAL Prediction::: HAWKS Vs. PANTHERS::Like I predicted, it will be a revenge final game and my analysis shows 70% win for Hawks and 30% for Panthers and here is why. Last three games between these two were pretty close games where Panthers had luck playing for them, no doubt Panthers are a better team but Hawks are the best right now and for Panthers to beat Hawks, you have to beat them both by bowling and batting. You can easily beat them in fielding because Hawks have some fielders that crawl when fielding. Batting-Hawks will win, Bowling-Hawks will win, and Fielding-Panthers will win. So Panthers there goes your secret to win, beat them in all but that won?t be easy. Panthers will be all out by 71 and Hawks will score them in 14 overs, if batting first Hawks will score 93 while Panthers will be stuck at 55 all out. This prediction should motivate Panthers to prove me wrong and honestly I want you guys to win and Hawks if you somehow become over-confident, then you will be the worst losers. Hawks has few players hurting team in fielding and batting and Panthers have few players playing their best games this season. I wish my team was in Final, but we weren?t that good. See you at the game, in y white/green/gold/red cap. Love you all. Happy Friday. (Date: 07.25.14, 12:01 PM)

    Rajani Kant - 2014-07-25 10:02:46.0