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2014-04-09: 2014 season announcement and team registration timelines for GBCL are published on website now.. Please review and let us know of any questions by commenting on the website or here or by sending an email to

Photos here..
Thank you all who showed up yesterday evening to the ground for helping with watering, rolling the pitch, marking boundaries, laying and nailing the carpet.

The pitch is not 100% ready to play yet as the crusher dust(crushed gravel) is still not firmed up hard yet. The pitch and the ground looks great and it will be really nice field for us (for sure right away next season, if not this season).

Regional matches for this week will continued to be played at Southwest De Pere Park a.k.a SDP. 

Thanks again for making this happen. We may have to gather as group again for ground again later next week or a week after to view the status of the ground and further work on it!
2013-09-26: We are still stuck at 11.. 11 is good for a game.. not for need 4 more guys.. 
2013-09-26: 11 so far ............ 4 to go..   
2013-09-26: Still 8 only..  :(   This is not good.. I thought you guys would be excited about a dedicated ground ... What's going on.. Please respond soon!!  -Sridhar
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Rajani Kant:  Comment Dated: October 17th 2013.
Rajani Kant:  I thought of doing realistic analysis mr.sridhar, but I will not waste my time anymore. The best analysis i say would be our three captains were nothing more than "Tom, Dick and Harry". That should suffice the praises...i Guess! Will talk to you all next season. Keep Yourself heated up. And i will remain Rajani Kant forever. The irony is that I am friends with all the GBCA members. Good bye until next season.
GBCA Admin:  Rajani - Did you say you are going to analyze the three teams ? If so, expect a deletion from me. Reason is I am not sure if you know enough about it. Feel free to post about matches.. - Sridhar
Rajani Kant:  Comment Dated: Oct 9th 2013. Hello everyone. I know how hard you guys must have been missing me. With my lobbying and influence, I could have predicted what our Three Musketeers would end up doing in Wis Reg League and I would have been damn right about it. My prediction for semifinal and final is that our Great Green Bay's Titan's will win the Final game and bring accolades to our GB community. So with that, I WILL be doing 3 episodes of analyzing the 3 teams we've had from our side, watch out for it. I am responding based on the innumerable emails that I've got to be active and entertain the GBCA. Episodes coming soon. I will be realistic and critical at the same point. If you mind it, let me know. Lets go Titans!
GBCA Admin:  All anonymous users - don't forget to come to ground today - Sridhar
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Final: Centurion XI v Warriors XI
08/29/2013 - Warriors XI won by 10 wicket(s)
Semi Final: GBSK v Warriors XI
08/25/2013 - Warriors XI won by 6 wicket(s)
League: Warriors XI v Patels XI
08/22/2013 - Warriors XI won by 16 runs
League: GBSK v Centurion XI
08/20/2013 - GBSK won by 27 runs
League: Final Call v Centurion XI
08/20/2013 - Centurion XI won by 1 wicket(s)
League: GBSK v Avengers
08/18/2013 - GBSK won by 1 runs
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LMI 2013
Player I   HS 
Ankur D 5 5 101 33
Deepak A 7 5 100 40
Dinesh K 6 6 84 28
Debabrata D 6 5 75 24
Sreevathsan S 6 6 73 25
Player I  
Deepak A 7 6 131 67 13
Prabu M 6 6 104 71 13
Sankaranarayanan T 6 5 96 59 12
Ankur D 5 5 119 93 10
Ganesh S 6 6 122 99 9
  Player Points
1 Deepak A 1047
2 Prabu M 654
3 Sankaranarayanan T 645
4 Ankur D 636
5 Ganesh S 521
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